Hanshin 6lun28g:connecting Rod Bolt In Storage

---QHD BeiFang Marine is the largest supply base of marine parts and machinery, and agents for tens of thousands of brands of products, which will offer you inexpensive and high-quality products for you purchasing in China.
---Provide MAN 5-9L16/24,5-9L21/31�5-9L20/27,5-9L23/30�5-9L27/38�5-9L28/32�5-9L32/40,V28/32�V32/40 marine spareparts for large diesel factory of China , South Korea, Poland and so on
---Seek the buyer for your products in China.
In order to meet the urgent requirement of the customers we reserved frequently used spare parts which cost more than 10 million USD and wearing parts cost 5 million USD in our warehouse. We combine with more than 1000 overseas and domestic factories provide 24 hours global service include purchasing, transporting and after service. Scope of supply: 1�Spare parts for marine diesel engine and equipment 2�Second hand marine equipment and spare parts 3�Spare parts consulting service 4�Ship repair 5�Ship material supply 6�Emergency parts supply 7�Survey and manufacture of special parts

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