Introduction for Twisted and Braided Ropes

We are as an one of leading Czech producers of twisted and braided ropes with more than fifty years´manufacturing tradition as well as experience in deliveries worldwide. We would like to offer you a possibility to initiate our mutual cooperation in the field of marine ropes sales between our companies.
Generally said, our offer of marine ropes consists of twisted and plaited polypropylene, Polys (Polysteel - PP/PE),polyester, polyamide ropes etc. Very popular product is PPMF Multifilament rope in black colour with or without special impregnation.

Let me also point out our offer of a new generation of composite ropes with improved strength properties - TITAN, MASTER and CRUISER.
Dimensional range:
- 8-strand plaited ropes up to diameter of abt. 96 -104mm.
- 3- and 4-strand twisted ropes up to diameter of abt. 36-40mm,
Should you have any questions/inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
We hope and look forward to possible mutual cooperation.

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2011-08-02 18:2